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As requested by psychosim at GoS, my update of Aviolina's "Silent Hill" stairs made 'open-underneath'. And because I can't resist fiddling in SimPE, they are now also recolourable, thanks to a bit of help from HugeLunatic at MTS. So, in an attempt to make my efforts worthwhile I've also chucked in a handful of recolours, plus some matching fences.

Before I show you the recolours, I must get something off my chest. Editing the stair mesh turned out to be pretty much a doddle, but making the recolours was a bit of a trying experience. The original stairs and fence are mapped rather... errmmm... eccentrically, so that the steps and rails pick up their textures from completely different parts of the map depending on whether the stairs have zero, one or two rails; i.e. the same bits of the texture are variously used for both the steps and rails. Hence, since I absolutely insisted on using such interesting textures, I gave myself a nightmare of a job. (I shall be having stern words with myself over this.)

I'm not entirely happy with the results; I have to confess that the textures aren't as seamless as I would like, and although I tried my best to minimize any unwanted repeats of the pattern, they aren't as subtle as I would ideally like them to be. Plus, I really wanted to add some shading, but due to that business of the wandering mapping, I couldn't (shading that looks good on a step doesn't work on a rail, and vice versa). I guess the obvious answer was just to completely remap them, but I'm afraid I ran out of steam...

In the end, I decided they were good enough for my game, so I thought I'd share. Oh, and if anyone fancies tackling recolouring the stairs/fence themselves, please feel free - and I'm sure that you'll do a much better job than I managed - but do prepare yourself for a trying time, and I suggest sticking to plain textures. ;)

Anyway, sorry for all that, and here they are:

(includes recolourable versions of the open-underneath and standard stairs, and installation scripts for both)


Just a couple more things to say. Firstly, the recolourable standard stairs have the same file name and GUIDs as my previous updated version, and so will just overwrite them. And I only recoloured the open-underneath version, as I personally didn't feel that the textures worked on the standard version, but if anyone wants to indulge in some copypasta using my textures, feel free!


Aviolina for the original stair mesh and texture.

HugeLunatic at MTS, for being kind enough to take a look at the edited stair mesh and point out where I had gone wrong in making it recolourable.

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